Premium Garage Car Wash Service. Exterior Only & Full Service Inside & Out

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Exterior Only - Full Service

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Exterior Only - Keep your keys!

Same Day Reservations until 1:00 pm

Reserve OnLine from home or office by 1:00 pm for same day or later service. Order as though parking on your favorite floor. If floor changes you can update your location via the Location Update link in your confirmation receipt.

EXTERIOR ONLY Park Anywhere - Keep Your Keys

How it works exterior.


How it works full service.


Houston parking garage car wash.

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Houston parking garage car wash.

811 Main

Available for Drop Off at Detail Center on 10th Floor Mon-Fri 8am - 11am Ordering also available thru the BuyMyWash App

What Makes BuyMyWash.com so Unique?

Environmentally Friendly

Just 2-4oz of water per service vs. 50+ gallons at conventional car wash

ZERO Waste water with our proprietary VAPOR WASH SYSTEM

ZERO Chemicals used in wash process


Wash your car in less than a minute (the time it takes to reserve a wash)

Use your leisure time for important things, not sitting at the local car wash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this car wash system environmentally compliant?

Yes it is, our proprietary system has been vetted and approved by the environmental departments of Houston Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Houston Airport Systems, San Francisco Airport Commission, City & County of Denver Department of Aviation, Los Angeles World Airports, Port of Oakland and BBA Aviation London, United Kingdom.

What kind of chemicals do you use to wash cars?

Absolutely none, ZERO chemicals of any kind are used during the washing of a vehicle.

How much water is used during a service?

The average sized sedan uses just 2 ounces of water, slightly more for an SUV or TRUCK

Do you need a special service area to service vehicles?

No, park absolutely anywhere you like on any floor you like.

What do you do with the waste water produced?

Our proprietary Vapor Wash process produces ZERO waste water runoff, as a matter of fact, during a typical service not a drop of water hits the ground.

Who do I leave my keys with?

Exterior Only service – You keep your keys.

Full Service Inside & Out - You drop off at Wash Area.

How do you know where I parked?

Great question! You’ll order planning to park on your favorite floor. If the floor changes use the location update link in your confirmation receipt.

How in the world do you find my car?

During the reservation process you will be asked what type of car your parking, its color and its license plate number. We use this information and License Plate Recognition Software to locate your vehicle.

What time do you wash my car?

During the reservation process you will be asked what time you arrive at work and what time you plan to leave. Vehicle must be available during those hours.

What if my Schedule Changes?

No problem! Included with your confirmation email is a schedule change link. You can easily reschedule for another day!